• Department of Planning, Research and Statistics

    About the Department of Planning, Research and Statistics

    The Department is one of the six operating Departments in the Ministry. It is generally responsible for among others:

    i) Coordinating the activities of other Service Departments in Ministerial Project/Programme Formulation and Preparation.
    ii) Internal Monitoring and Evaluation of executed Ministerial Projects/Programmes
    iii) Coordinating the preparation of Ministerial Capital Budgets proposals.
    iv) Coordination of the preparation of Agricultural Policy, Medium-Long Term Plans and Strategies.
    v) Administration of Ministerial contracts through tender preparations, documentation and awards.
    vi) Preparation of Bills of Materials for new Ministerial Buildings and repairs/rehabilitation of Offices and other Building structures.
    vii) Agricultural Information Dissemination, Data Collections, Processing and Storage.
    viii) Agricultural Library procurement Agricultural journals, Books, Magazines and Newspapers.

    It has nine (9) Units of:
    i) Planning;
    ii) Monitoring and Evaluation;
    iii) Research and Library Services;
    iv) Agricultural Statistics;
    v) Building Maintenance;
    vi) Computer;
    vii) Information and Publicity;
    viii) Budget and
    ix) New Building Construction