Our Institutes

Farm Mechanization Training, Institute (Kadawa, Rano and Gwarzo)

The Project is aimed at creating a business climate that will support rural youth in starting and growing businesses in Animal Traction by building their skills as well as general farm Mechanization The Institute is designed to offer formal and informal trainings in farm mechanization and animal traction techniques. The Farm Mechanization programme has the following objectives:-
i) Facilitate sustainable increase in the production of food and cash crops
ii) Expansion of cultivable land
iii) Reduce tillage drudgery
iv) Promote timeliness of farm operations.
v) Increase in farmers' income and socio-economic wellbeing.
vi) Youth empowerment and poverty alleviation

Training and Post Training on Animal Traction and Tractor Operations
i) 1st Batch Training of 500 Students
ii) 2nd Batch Training of 400 Students
iii) 3rd Batch Training of 400 Students
iv) 4th Batch Training of 400 Students
v) Development of Infrastructure:
A total of 1,700 youth were trained so far from all the 44 LGAs of the State.