Our History

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources is one of the first generation Ministries set-ups in 1967 when States came into being in the Federation. It co-ordinates and implements Agricultural policies of the Government through six (6) Departments, Namely:
i) Administration and General Services.
ii) Planning, Research and Statistics.
iii) Livestock and Poultry Services.
iv) Agricultural Engineering Services.
v) Veterinary Services.
vi) Agricultural Services, Produce Inspection and Fisheries.

There are also three (3) Parastatals operating under the supervision of the Ministry, these are:
i) Kano State Agricultural Supply Company (KASCO).
ii) Kano State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (KNARDA).
iii) Kano State Zoological and Wildlife Management Agency

Our Functions

i) Upgrading the performance of indigenous livestock through cross breeding with exotic breeds in the livestock Development Centers.
ii) Provision of Artificial Insemination Services to Livestock Farmers in the State
iii) Rearing of chicks to point of lay for sale to small-scale poultry farmers; Rearing of cockerels to maturity for sale to households in order to upgrade performance of local chickens and providing Hatchery services to small-scale poultry farmers
iv) Grazing Reserve development and creation of watering points for livestock (earth dams, boreholes, and open wells); Fodder conservation through baling of rice and wheat straw as well as grass hay; Resolution of conflict between pastoralists and farmers; Provision of supplementary feeds at subsidized rate to livestock farmers and Provision of extension services to livestock farmers in the State.
v) Animal Vaccinations; Disease diagnosis and treatment; Surveillance, Investigation and Reporting; Veterinary Consultancy Services and Extension; Meat inspection and Hygiene; Hides & Skins Quality Improvement; as well as Monitoring of Livestock Movement
vi) Provision of Agricultural Data; Promotion of the production of Industrial Crops(Groundnut, Cotton and Maize); Ensuring access to land to those wishing to engage in irrigated agriculture; Promotion of crop production through irrigated agriculture ; Field Crops and storage pests control services; Promotion of aquaculture ; Maintenance of grains buffer reserves
vii) Artisanal fisheries development; Training of youths to take-up commercial farming as a profession in Livestock, Crops, Fisheries and Mechanization.
viii) Provide mechanical power in major farm operation through the activities of tractor hiring services; Expand and develop farmlands through the activities of plant hire service; Provide mechanical harvesting services through combine harvesters, crops threshing machines; Provide maintenance and repair services for all machinery and equipment belonging to Ministry of agriculture.